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Making a sterile connection has never been so easy, economical and reliable!The Genesis TCD Sterile Tube Welder is a compact and durable
device that provides a closed sterile connecting system, maximizing the shelf life of valuable blood products.

Special Features

• Secure clamps eliminate tube shifting and ensures leak free welds
• Tamper Lock™ loading mechanism ensures precise tube alignment
• User-friendly display panel with weld cycle indicators
• Bent-tube technology™ ensures total containment of fluids
• Bent-tube technology™ provides duplicate quality control weld
• Greater wafer mass and welding temperature then competitor models

Product Overview

• One button operation
• Approved for Wet to wet, wet to dry, dry to dry welding
• Space saving bench top design
• Single wafer loading – prevents wafer jamming
• No validation kit required

All applications approved by the FDA

Simple & Easy to Use GUI

Bent-Tube Technology

Single Loading Wafer