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Product Description

Automation is the foundation for the clinical molecular laboratory to report patient results with confidence. Abbott Molecular’s m2000spfor sample preparation and the m2000rt for real-time amplification and detection are the cornerstrones for this process

The Abbott m2000 RealTime System provides automation from bar-coded laboratory tube through patient result, creating an efficient workflow for your laboratory. This automation enables laboratorians to interface where their skills best contribute to results while minimizing errors and contamination.

Abbott Molecular is committed to molecular diagnostics. Whether through new system software releases, innovative assay design or expanding the mSystem menu, we are continuously evolving..

m2000rp: Real Time PCR

Real-time PCR Amplification and Detection
– 5 excitation, 5 emission filters

maxRatio Data Analysis
– Multiple validity checks for improved confidence in patient results

Minimal Maintenance 
– Halogen bulb replacement

m2000sp: Sample Extraction Automation

Barcoded Laboratory Tubes
– Reduces transcription error and provides positive sample ID

Precision Pipetting
– Eliminates manual mixing or manipulation

Open Mode
– Flexible protocol for various sample types and volumes

Efficient Sample Extraction
– Flexible throughput options of 24 to 96 samples

m2000RealTime System Software: Simplified Data Management

Intuitive User Interface
– Windows XPTM

LIS Capability
– Standardized interface with LIS

Data Archiving 
– Calibrator, control, and patient data logs

Automated Quality Checks and Calibration
– Provides accurate results

– Remote Instrument Monitoring

Technical Specifications

 Abbott m2000sp  Characteristics

Total Length 57.1 in (145 cm)
Total Height 53 in (138 cm)
Total Depth 31.3 in (79.4 cm)
Weight 645.3 lbs (292.7 kg) instrument and cabinet
Power Source 100-240 V

 Abbott m2000rt  Characteristics

Total Length 13.4 in (34 cm)
Total Height 19.3 in (49 cm)
Total Depth 17.8 in (45 cm)
Weight 75.2 lbs (34.1 kg)
Power Source 100-240 V