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BD Diagnostics – Diagnostic Systems is dedicated to providing the most relevant, rapid, high quality microbiology solutions for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, food and beverage producers, personal care products manufacturers and academic institutions. With over 180 years of microbiology experience, BD offers traditional and rapid microbiology solutions for bioburden, sterility, objectionable organisms or pathogens, identification and environmental monitoring.


BD™ Sterile Pack

Tissue Culture

BD™ Sterile Pack Swabs

BD BBL™ Prepared Media

Prepared Bottled Media

BD BBL™ Sterile Pack Plated Media

BD FACSMicroCount™ — Microbial testing solutions to save you time

BD BBL™ Contact Plates, RODAC™ Plates, Settling Plates, Finger Dab Plates

BD BBL™ Isolator Pack Plated Media

Dehydrated Culture Media and Ingredients

BD BBL™ Prepared Tubed and Mycoflask Media