Hyper/Hypo Thermia Blanket

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Blanketrol® III

Hyper-Hypothermia system for Patient Temperature Management

  • Programmable & Pre-set variable gradient temperature selection
  • SMART mode
  • May be used in a variety of departments in the hospital/medical clinic.
  • Data Export Software is now available


Whole Body Cooling blankets for Induced Hypothermia

  • Can cover a wide range of patients
  • Each piece is fully adjustable, allowing for easy access to the skin
  • Cooling can be initiated within minutes and set to a tenth of a degree

Kool-Kit® Neonate

Infant Whole Body Cooling

  • Provides necessary disposables in one convenient package
  • Easy to set-up
  • Can provide tight temperature control with the Blanketrol III

Maxi-Therm® Lite

Single-Use, Hyper-Hypothermia blankets

  • Durable and light weight
  • May be used over or under the patient
  • Can be used for heating and cooling the patient


Single-Patient, Hyper-Hypothermia blankets

  • Easy to clean and re-apply to patient
  • Provides heating or cooling of the patient
  • May be placed underneath or on top of the patient


Reusable Hyper-Hypothermia blankets

  • Can be used for heating or cooling of the patient
  • Quick set-up time
  • Easy to clean between patients

Staff Vest

Cooling Vest for your surgical team

  • May be used to warm or cool members of the surgical team
  • Sterile gowns and/or lead vest may be worn on top of the Staff Vest

Head Wrap

  • Unique design allows for easy access to the head and neck area
  • Head cooling is a useful adjunct treatment to whole body hypothermia in regulating temperature
  • Helps maintain normothermia