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Our Data Collection Mixer stands alone in the field of blood collection technology and redifines the standards for blood collection.
The DCM3000 is an accurate and reliable automated mixer designed for both fixed site and mobile collections.

Special Features

• Clear backlighted 5-inch LCD screen display
• Visible and audible alarms with voice guide
• Multi-functional remote control unit
• Dual barcode scanner system
• Wireless data transfer (CDM software)
• Large capacity battery pack for portable use
• GenesisBPS Tube Sealer integration

Product Overview

• The most accurate digital scale available with data collection
• Reduces over and under bleeds (QNS units)
• Automatically clamps tubing when target volume is achieved
• Provides constant mixing of anticoagulant and blood

Portable Carrying Case

• Robust stackable case
• Batteries can be recharged with the case enclosed
• “Carry & Set up” as collection stand

Optional Accessories

• Extended Service Agreement

5-inch LCD Screen Display

Multi-functional Remote Control Unit

Dual Barcode Scanner System

Tube Sealer Integration Available