Automatic Urinalysis System(FUS-200/H-800)

Automatic Urinalysis System FUS-200/H-800 2018-02-14T15:15:00+00:00

Product Overview

Auto loader capacity: 50 samples/ 270 samples optional Offering the ability to fully integrate with the Dirui H-800 to provide a 120 samples/h total urinalysis solution.Utilizing flow digital imaging analysis technology to facilitate precise identification of the visual components in urine. Able to provide erythrocyte morphologic information,allowing the user the ability to determine the origin of Red Blood Cells

No centrifugation or staining required Environmentally friendly consumables do not require special disposal, saving time and cost.Friendly design, maintenance and operation can be completed in minutes Complete QC system for accurate and reliable results World class after-sales-service and support .